5 Benefits of Chatbots for Customer Service

If you want to catch up with customer demands and industry competition, then it’s time to incorporate chatbots into your business. While it’s true that humans can perform adequate customer care, chatbots can provide it at a level that humans simply cannot achieve. But how much better could they really be? Would the investment be worth […]

Conversational Chatbots: Your Business’s Competitive Advantage

Did you know that conversational chatbots can keep your business open 24/7? They can provide customer service, answer questions, and give recommendations to your customers. This is all done through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Using chatbots, your company can listen to customers and respond in real-time. But what are chatbots, and how do you […]

What Is a Chat Widget and What Do They Do?

Do you run a small business with a small budget, but a big heart and a big desire to amp up your customer service? Maybe it’s time for you to start utilizing technology like a chat widget to get at more leads and customers. If you look at trends in customer service you will notice […]

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Chatbot Platforms

Do you have a lot of customers and it is hard to communicate with them? If this is the case, you might want to try using chatbot platforms. These are applications that can answer questions in different ways based on their programming. Like a human, chatbots read information from customers and then answer. The bots are […]

Modernize Your Website With a Chatbot Feature

Fed up of losing out to the competition? Not only is this frustrating as a business owner, but it could also make it challenging to survive when operating in a competitive industry. If you are losing out to competitors despite getting traffic to your website, a chatbot could be transformative for your company. They can help […]

What Are Chatbots and Why Are They Important to Business?

About 82% of consumers expect an immediate response to their sales or marketing questions. Another 90% expect immediate responses to customer service questions. Meanwhile, about 74% of consumers see the benefit of interacting with chatbots. In fact, chatbots could resolve 80% of chat sessions without the need for a human agent.  What exactly is an […]

Using Chatbot Marketing: 10 Ways Chatbots Can Boost Your Business

About 1.4 billion people are already using chatbots to find quick answers to their questions. In fact, interest in chatbots has increased by 160% since 2018. Over 50% of service organizations are planning on using chatbots in the future. That’s not all! Chatbots can save you 30% in operational costs. In fact, businesses could save […]

The Awesome Business Benefits of Chatbot Software

With 70% of companies worldwide focusing on the migration towards digital communications technology, and with $2 trillion spent on that transformation alone, you can bet that forward-thinking businesses are focusing their dollars on the customer experience. Enter chatbots, the customer-centric self-help tools to improve your business’s customer communications. Chatbot software allows your customers to interact […]