Modernize Your Website With a Chatbot Feature

Fed up of losing out to the competition? Not only is this frustrating as a business owner, but it could also make it challenging to survive when operating in a competitive industry. If you are losing out to competitors despite getting traffic to your website, a chatbot could be transformative for your company. They can help […]

What Are Chatbots and Why Are They Important to Business?

About 82% of consumers expect an immediate response to their sales or marketing questions. Another 90% expect immediate responses to customer service questions. Meanwhile, about 74% of consumers see the benefit of interacting with chatbots. In fact, chatbots could resolve 80% of chat sessions without the need for a human agent.  What exactly is an […]

Using Chatbot Marketing: 10 Ways Chatbots Can Boost Your Business

About 1.4 billion people are already using chatbots to find quick answers to their questions. In fact, interest in chatbots has increased by 160% since 2018. Over 50% of service organizations are planning on using chatbots in the future. That’s not all! Chatbots can save you 30% in operational costs. In fact, businesses could save […]

The Awesome Business Benefits of Chatbot Software

With 70% of companies worldwide focusing on the migration towards digital communications technology, and with $2 trillion spent on that transformation alone, you can bet that forward-thinking businesses are focusing their dollars on the customer experience. Enter chatbots, the customer-centric self-help tools to improve your business’s customer communications. Chatbot software allows your customers to interact […]