4 Ways Chatbots Can Boost and Benefit Ecommerce Performance

Because of the emergence of chatbots, you can revolutionize the way you cater to your customers and improve their overall experience with your eCommerce business. As machine learning and artificial intelligence keep improving, chatbots are now smarter than ever, and you should take advantage of these technologies for your eCommerce success.


Is investing in chatbots something you are interested in but haven’t quite made up your mind? Here are five benefits you can get from chatbots that might push you in the right direction.


Improve Customer Engagement


When looking for products and services, customers are more likely to purchase from companies they know they can reach whenever they need to. However, it doesn’t end with one-way contact. Customers need a response right away if you want them to stay engaged.


Some studies have shown that if your business response time exceeds five minutes, you will be 21 times less likely to convert the site visit into a lead. And this is where chatbots come in. Because chatbots can cater to your customer’s needs in real-time, you can increase customer engagement and push them to make a purchase.


Guide Your Customers about Your Products


While customers explore your shop, they might get lost with the large variety of products. It can be confusing to make a purchase decision, and a chatbot can guide them every step of the way. Chatbots can be taught to suggest a product that would fit what a customer is looking for, bring them towards the checkout page, and inform them about coupons, promotions, or discounts.


With chatbots ready to intervene, customers won’t have to scroll aimlessly through similar products and read a myriad of product descriptions. You can design your chatbot to have all the qualities you’d expect from an expert sales representative.


Remind about Abandoned Carts


One of the problems you must address to boost your eCommerce sales is how to get customers back to their abandoned shopping carts. If you think about it, converting abandoned carts to sales can change the game for your business.


Remember, not every customer who abandons their cart changes their mind. Some stumbled upon day-to-day distractions while shopping, such as another website, social media, their families, work, or things out of their control. By equipping your AI chatbot to send out a reminder, you can push them to check out, if not all, at least some of the items in their cart.


Personalize the Customer Experience


One of the main benefits you can get from chatbot software is personalizing the customer experience. You can get information about the interests and preferences of your site visitors. With that, you can help your customers get the information they need by designing personalized pages that your customers will definitely enjoy.


You can also inform your customers when products are out of stock and suggest products they can get instead. They can even be equipped to send reminders on delivery dates, so they have something to look forward to!


Final Thoughts


Technology will just keep getting better, and it’s up to business owners and marketers to take advantage. Chatbots are becoming smarter and smarter, and it’s past time to leverage this technology to put your customer’s needs first and grow your business.


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