Boost Leads with an AI Chatbot

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Our Chatbot Software and Chatbot Platform are Fully Customizable

GP Chat’s AI Chatbot can help you to get a better return on the investments you make to market your business. Some companies dedicate real time and money to increasing traffic to their websites. But, when potential customers arrive, their website doesn’t always stand out from the crowd. Whenever we visit a website, we want fast, accurate answers and that’s where GP Chat’s AI Chatbot comes in! Create an AI Chatbot for your business to increase leads and boost customer conversion through customer interaction. We work with businesses across a broad range of sectors including small businesses with website traffic that doesn’t seem to be converting,  businesses in the mortgage industry and home services such as building, handyman, heat, AC, restoration and HVAC companies. Other businesses that love to use GP Chat’s AI Chatbot on their website include dentists, plastic surgeons, chiropractors and lawyers. Whatever your industry, whenever your customers have specific questions, you can answer them faster than your competitors with clear and accurate information right away.

GP Chat is Better Than Other Chatbots

There are other companies providing conversational chatbots but they are often bogged down with unnecessary features and distractions for the customer. We make ours fully customizable so that it will only respond with answers that are relevant to your business so you can efficiently attract leads and make sales.

Our Response Bot Loads Quickly

If you have a very technical website, or a lot of your customers may be older people (such as a Dental Surgery or Clinic) you may have customers with slower computer connections. Our chat widget is optimized to load quickly and efficiently for all your visitors.

An AI Bot You Can Trust

Our other customers are very happy with their chatbot website when they enlist us to provide their AI Chatbot. Talking to and responding to an AI Chatbot is often the first thing your potential clients will do when they visit your site. Give your potential customers the chance to have half their questions resolved before they even sign up, call or buy your products.

Competitive Pricing

We know we’re not the only chatbot platform out there. We have increasing competition in the response bot space, so we price our chatbot platform fairly and competitively. If you’d like to compare our prices to our competitors get in touch and we’d be delighted to compare our AI Chatbot functions, features and price to the competition.

We Can Confidently Guarantee Our Chatbot Improves Conversion

Because GP Chat’s AI Chatbot integrates data and analytics we can see where in the process your potential customers are deciding to make a purchase, or sign up and where they are leaving your website instead. That can help you to optimize your website to give you the best performance. 

GP Chat, enables you to generate leads, increase interaction and turn visits into sales. You can even directly import analytics and data from GP chat to your CRM! We can help you to never lose a potential customer.

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