5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Chatbots Over Live Chat

Okay, storytime: you went on a website, clicked the live chat option, left your email address, and heard crickets until about 48 hours later, where a representative tells you something you already knew, and now you’re back to square one. This has happened to countless irate customers, and it’s time things change for the better.

As a research study said, around 59% of customers never return after a bad experience. First impressions do matter, and late or inefficient responses aren’t helping the case. This puts pressure on every business to make every customer interaction worthwhile and maximize opportunities to push leads further down the funnel. How exactly is this possible? The answer: A chatbot.

An AI-powered chatbot can bridge the gap and make your first impression truly professional, so customers trust your brand and keep coming back. Here are some distinct reasons why chatbot software trumps live chat. Keep reading to learn more!

Less to No Supervision Needed

Supervision costs are where chatbots shine. The ability to leave chatbots as they are saves businesses loads of time, money, and energy. With minimal setup, a bot can chat for hours on end without needing a supervisor hovering around to make sure they’re doing the right thing. The time you could have otherwise spent behind a customer screen waiting for a query can be better used to check off the one million things on your business to-do list.

Answering the same question every day for eight hours can make anybody go insane, but chatbots are tougher than nails and can handle the most tedious tasks quickly and efficiently. Imagine all the price inquiries and other FAQS – all taken care of by a bot in seconds.

Digital Presence 24/7/365

Another crucial advantage of chatbots is they never need any shut-eye. This makes them the best chat tool for all-purpose websites that require a 24/7/365 digital presence. Put simply, anybody can learn about the core services of your businesses at 3 a.m, and the bot couldn’t care any less. Check out our article on how chatbots improve customer service!

Lower Costs

Every business needs to make cost-effective decisions. AI chatbots can reduce operational costs in the long term compared to Live chat. If your website receives an upward of 500 visitors a day, one live chat agent can only hope to promptly accommodate all inquiries/requests. You’d have to hire a boatload of agents and spend more resources training and maintaining their tenure. Meanwhile, chatbots are straightforward to install and are cheaper to boot. A single chatbot can accommodate multiple queries simultaneously, trumping the need to hire multiple agents.

Machine-Learning Capabilities

Chatbots can get more intelligent and more comprehensive with the help of machine learning technology. This puts customers in a position to get better answers from chatbots as time goes by and the chatbots gain more experience.

While there is a learning curve as the bot system deciphers and encodes the various language nuances of customers, machine learning is more than capable of accelerating the process.

Faster Access to Customer Data Analytics

Another benefit of using chatbots is their ability to gather and analyze mass amounts of data. These data points are collected through each communication experience, similar to how humans learn. All these data analytics are easily accessible to websites, so the team can make data-driven decisions when implementing improvements or changes to the website for a better user experience. Read our article on choosing the best chatbot platform for your business.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots are already cementing themselves as the leading alternative for websites aiming for streamlined communication and better customer experience overall. Chatbots are filling the gaps for businesses in driving user engagement, marketing, sales, support, and customer retention.

At GP Chat, we understand how websites can significantly boost their performance using an instant reply chatbot to improve customer retention, service, and overall experience. Our platform offers the leading chatbot software for businesses that want to compete for market share with innovative technologies. To learn more about our fantastic chatbots software, contact us today for a free demo!