What Are Chatbots and Why Are They Important to Business?

About 82% of consumers expect an immediate response to their sales or marketing questions. Another 90% expect immediate responses to customer service questions. Meanwhile, about 74% of consumers see the benefit of interacting with chatbots.

In fact, chatbots could resolve 80% of chat sessions without the need for a human agent. 

What exactly is an AI chatbot, and how can chatbot software benefit your business? Keep reading to find out! In this guide, we’ll review everything you need to know before adding a chat widget to your website.

Then, you can set yourself up for long-term growth and success.

Read on to discover the many benefits of using a chatbot platform today!

What are Chatbots?

First, let’s answer the question that’s likely on your mind: what exactly is chatbot AI?

Chatbots are a form of software that can automate conversions. Your chatbot can interact with people who visit your website or social media accounts. You can create pre-programmed responses to answer frequently asked questions.

You can also use artificial intelligence (AI) to create an AI chatbot. AI chatbots can handle more complex conversations than ordinary response bots.

Using chatbots on multiple platforms can ensure you create a cohesive user experience. A few examples include:

  • Your website
  • Facebook messenger
  • Mobile applications

Consumers will have an easier time finding the information they need. They’ll recognize the high-quality customer service you can offer as a result. 

Artificial intelligence can allow you to create conversational chatbots. These chatbots can mimic human language, creating a more natural interaction. 

There’s a lot of potential for companies that use an AI bot. For example, a chat widget can help with:

  • Customer support
  • Sales
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing
  • Human resources

That’s only the start! As chatbots become more complex, we could recognize new ways to utilize them as well. 

The Benefits of Using Chatbots

Now that you know a little more about what chatbots are, let’s discuss the benefits! Here are a few reasons to consider using chatbot software for your business. 

1. Fast Responses

Consumers are always in a rush. A response bot can quickly answer the consumer’s questions. If there’s an emergency, an AI-powered chatbot could offer a solution.

Otherwise, online forms, non-responsive emails, and phone numbers could cause delays. It could take customers hours before they get a hold of someone. Using a chatbot on your website will ensure customers have easy access to help.

Providing fast response times can improve the customer’s experience. They’ll recognize the ease and convenience you can offer them. Then, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Improving the user experience with faster response times can help you retain customers longer-term. Boosting customer retention can help you generate repeat sales. Your ROI will rise as a result. 

Chatbots can also generate intelligent, two-way conversations. You can offer better customer support, which can boost brand trust. As trust turns into loyalty, you’ll increase your customer lifetime value. 

2. Reduced Frustrations

Voice-based customer support can frustrate your customers. They might struggle to communicate their needs. If people get frustrated, they could leave and take their business elsewhere.

If consumers leave your website frustrated, it could impact your bounce rate. A higher bounce rate can have a negative impact on your search engine ranking. A lower search ranking can make it more difficult for people to reach you online.

You’ll miss a chance to generate brand awareness and website traffic as a result.

Instead, you can use chatbot software to reduce frustrations. You’ll ensure customers find a solution to their needs with ease. 

3. Empower Your Support Team

Is your customer support team starting to feel overwhelmed? Consider the benefits of using an AI chatbot. You can empower your support team with the tools they need. 

Conversations with customers can sometimes cause friction. Live support agents don’t always have immediate answers or access to information.

You can use a response bot to close the gap in information. Smart assistants can analyze customer data points in real-time. Then, they can help your support representatives by offering immediate answers. 

Your customer support team will have an easier time helping your customers as a result. 

4. Boost Productivity

Your support team might feel exhausted answering basic customer questions all the time. They might struggle with an inefficient workflow as well. Your employees might experience burnout as a result.

Instead, consider using a chat widget. Chatbot AI can help your team become more productive. You can improve your customer support program and relieve stress for customers and reps.

About 64% of agents who use chatbots are free to spend time solving more complex problems. In fact, companies could save 2.5 billion customer service hours by 2023 after using chatbots.

Your support team will have an easier time doing their jobs. Better yet, they can start handling more complex tasks, improving their job satisfaction. 

5. Reduce Operational Costs

Chatbots could save businesses up to 30% from the $1.3 trillion they spend to service customer requests. 

Chatbot AI can help improve your bottom line. You can meet increasing customer support demands without adding to your team. Otherwise, recruiting and training new support agents can become more expensive.

If you don’t add new support team members, your customers could grow frustrated.

You can help your business, support team, and customers by using chatbots instead. 

6. Omnichannel Experiences

Customers want an easy, cohesive experience between different marketing channels. Chatbots can help you facilitate those experiences. A chatbot can keep your support team up-to-date regarding each customer’s touchpoints.

Then, you can create omnichannel experiences, improving the customer’s overall experience with your brand. 

Better understanding the customer’s needs can help you offer personalized solutions, too. Personalized experiences will make the customer’s lives easier. It can also show the customer you care about their distinct wants and needs.

You can offer personalized solutions in real-time, boosting brand trust and loyalty.

What Are Chatbots?: 6 Ways Chatbot Software Can Boost Your Business

To recap, what are chatbots? They’re a cost-effective solution to improving your current customer service program. Consider using a chatbot platform and improving your customers’ online user experience today!

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