Using Chatbot Marketing: 10 Ways Chatbots Can Boost Your Business

About 1.4 billion people are already using chatbots to find quick answers to their questions. In fact, interest in chatbots has increased by 160% since 2018. Over 50% of service organizations are planning on using chatbots in the future.

That’s not all!

Chatbots can save you 30% in operational costs. In fact, businesses could save 2.5 billion customer service hours using chatbots by 2023.

Still on the fence about using chatbots for your business? Keep reading to discover the top 10 benefits of chatbot marketing. By discovering the benefits of using chatbots, you can create a better experience for your customers.

Improving your customer experience could help you retain long-time customers. Your ROI will improve as a result!

Keep reading to discover the top benefits of working with a chatbot marketing company today.

1. Deliver Support 24/7

When your company closes for the night, who’s there to help your customers? With chatbot marketing, you can offer your customers support 24/7. They won’t have to wait for your doors to open in the morning.

Offering customer service around the clock can help reduce customer churn. At the same time, you can improve customer satisfaction.

Customers will realize you’re always available to help. They’ll keep returning to your business, allowing you to increase brand trust and loyalty. Retaining customers can improve your ROI.

Chatbots can promptly respond to your customers’ questions. You can train chatbots to answer general FAQs. Your bots will continue to learn how to help customers over time as well.

With chatbots, you never have to leave your customers waiting. Faster response times can show customers you prioritize customer service. They’ll know they can depend on you and keep coming back for more.

2. Improved Lead Generation and Nurturing

Do you have an omnichannel marketing strategy? An omnichannel strategy ensures customers have an easy, cohesive experience with your brand. They can interact with your brand from one platform to the next without an issue.

Creating an omnichannel marketing strategy can increase customer satisfaction. You won’t have to disrupt the buyer’s journey. Instead, you’ll show them you’re always available to help.

Chatbot marketing can support your omnichannel marketing strategy. Chatbots provide consumers with an easy way to communicate with your business. You can engage customers using personalized messaging.

You’ll have an easier time guiding consumers through the buying journey as a result.

A seamless buying journey can encourage on-the-fence consumers to convert into paying customers. For example, you can make personal recommendations to encourage quick decisions.

Chatbots can improve your lead qualification, too. Asking relevant questions can help the bot direct a lead to the right person. Then, your sales team can convert that prospect into a lead.

Chatbots can nurture your leads, too. Engaging the customer with personal recommendations, discounts, and offers can encourage buying decisions. 

With the right chatbot marketing hacks, you’ll never miss an opportunity to engage leads.

3. Reduce Costs

Remember, chatbots can cut operational costs down by 30%. Every customer request can slow down your team. You might need to hire a larger customer service team, which can get costly.

You’ll need to consider salaries, training, and infrastructure costs.

Instead, think of chatbots as a cost-effective investment. You won’t have to add more agents to your customer service team. Instead, you can cut costs and generate more sales.

Your ROI will improve as a result. 

4. Boost Online Engagement

Chatbot marketing will help you keep consumers engaged with your brand. In fact, consumers now expect personalized experiences. Your chatbots can help you meet the customer’s expectations.

Real-time responses will help you draw in customers. Otherwise, people won’t wait around. They’ll leave your website without engaging.

Your bounce rate could increase, which will hurt your search engine ranking. A lower search engine ranking can make it more difficult for you to draw in traffic. Without traffic, you won’t generate leads.

Chatbot software can improve your real-time interactions, customer satisfaction, and engagement.

5. Save Yourself Valuable Time

Time is money! With chatbots, you can save your team valuable time. Chatbots can improve your efficiency through automation.

You can reduce operational costs and manpower as a result.

Automation information-based queries will allow your agents to spend more time on bigger issues, too. 

6. Scale as Needed

With live agents, you might need to add or remove people from your team throughout the year. With chatbots, you can scale your “team” as needed.

Live support agents can only handle a few conversations at a time, too. A chatbot, on the other hand, can handle thousands of conversations at once.

Using chatbot marketing will help you meet demands and improve your customer service.

7. Improve Your Productivity

Responding to multiple requests throughout the day can impact your team’s productivity. Live agents might need to respond to more complicated requests.

You can use chatbots to improve your average resolution time and first response time. You can increase how many requests you handle and resolve, too.

Your team’s productivity will improve, helping your bottom line.

8. Create a Hybrid Experience

You can combine chatbots and live chats to create the perfect hybrid customer experience. 

AI-enabled chatbots can provide your customers with 24/7 support. These chatbots focus on information-based queries. They can help you boost customer satisfaction.

Then, you can use live agents to respond to more complicated questions. 

The transition between chatbot to live chat can improve your customer service.

9. Improve Customer Satisfaction

There’s an 80% increase in revenue for businesses that focus on improving their customer experience. In fact, over 70% of customers say a better customer experience drives their buying decisions. Another 86% will pay more for better customer experience. 

You can use chatbot marketing hacks to improve your customer service. Consumers will see you’re able to help and rely on your brand more often.

10. Reduce Human Errors

You can use chatbots to reduce human errors, too. Otherwise, human errors can lead to complications and customer frustration.

Instead, you can deliver an error-free service to keep consumers happy.

Continuous Customer Support: 10 Benefits of Chatbot Marketing

Meet your customers’ expectations and provide them with the information they need. With chatbot marketing, you can enjoy these benefits and much more. Boost your business by working with a chatbot marketing company today!

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