The Awesome Business Benefits of Chatbot Software

With 70% of companies worldwide focusing on the migration towards digital communications technology, and with $2 trillion spent on that transformation alone, you can bet that forward-thinking businesses are focusing their dollars on the customer experience.

Enter chatbots, the customer-centric self-help tools to improve your business’s customer communications. Chatbot software allows your customers to interact with your brand through an AI-simulated conversation.

This software enables customers to navigate your company website with ease. It helps them find solutions to routine issues involving their accounts.

Keep reading to learn more about how chatbot software applications are changing the digital landscape of the customer experience. 

Benefits of Chatbot Software for Business

Chatbot software can help you improve the customer service operations for your business. You will not only improve your customer experience, but also the efficiency of your internal customer service operations.

Lower Customer Service Costs and Improve Performance

According to IBM, businesses spend around $1.3 trillion on approximately 265 billion customer service calls each year – wow. On average, chatbots have been shown to decrease your customer service operations’ cost by 30%.

How is that possible? Through the chatbot’s ability to handle up to 80% of the most common customer service issues. That is before they even reach a dedicated agent.

With chatbots, your customer service team will be able to flex their natural problem-solving skills. It is giving them valuable time to handle more complex customer issues. 

Expand Your Customer Communications Capabilities

Do you know which social media outlets your customers are most active on? Why not install a social media chatbot through Facebook Messenger? 

Facebook Messenger alone has 30,000 active chatbots and is growing all the time. Your chatbot can service your customers wherever they are online.

Offer 24/7 Customer Service Support

Chatbot applications can manage customer service requests when an employee is unavailable. This gives your customers the ability to solve their most common service problems around the clock. It also allows your customer service team the much-deserved rest they need.

Not to mention that your company won’t need to hire an employee halfway across the world who is up at that hour. Chatbots aren’t paid by the hour. They can be deployed during the hours that you need them the most.

Benefits of Chatbot Software for Customers

Ahead are just a few of the many benefits of how chatbot software can assist your current and future customers. This is not an exhaustive list, and you can contact our team at GP Chat anytime for further consultation.

Quickly Analyze a Customers Needs

Chatbot applications can analyze and remember customer preferences and needs. They accomplish this through both text messaging and voice recognition. In other words, they learn and update their database.

A chatbot can help direct a customer to a real-time customer service agent who can help them right away. 

Provide a Timely Response to Customers

Chatbots don’t have downtime. They are ready to assist customers the moment they arrive on your website or social media pages. A chatbots response time is immediate.

They can search your companies internal information database much faster than a pair of human eyes. 

Target Customers With More Effective Marketing

As a chatbot learns more about the customers they are assisting, they can provide timely and urgent marketing messages. These messages may suggest other products or services your company offers.

Your company can always update this information. You are giving a chatbot the capability of providing timely product or service discounts with an end date.

The chatbot is designed to learn more about your customers. This allows your marketing team to analyze the data collected and deploy specific product or service offers.

Implementing Chatbot Software With GP Chat

GP Chat can help you customize a chatbot application that fits your unique business needs. Continue reading to better understand just a few of the benefits we can provide to you with a customizable chatbot.

Customize Chatbot Applications to Fit Your Brand

The GP Chat team will work with your business to customize and install a chatbot that looks like a real part of your company. We can customize your chatbot colors, logos, and even certain aspects of conversing with your customers.

You don’t want your chatbot to look like the same application your competition is using. Please take a look at our introductory video for even more great customization for your new chatbot.

Choose Which Chatbot Metrics to Collect and Analyze

GP Chat knows how important it is that marketing teams receive real-time data and statistics. Real-time data can help your team to analyze a campaigns’ success. GP Chat can help your business gather statistics on where your customers are originating from.

Your marketing team will then have a better target for their campaign messages and dollars. GP Chat can help you analyze incoming traffic from web, mobile, and social media outlets such as Facebook and beyond.

Integrate a Chatbot With Your Existing CRM Software

We know that high-end CRM software is a considerable expense for your sales and service departments. If you are already running existing CRM software such as Salesforce or Infusionsoft, then we have good news for you.

Your customizable chatbot can integrate with your existing CRM software. This is done through an application known as Zapier. 

Enhance Your Customer Experience With GP Chat

Are you ready to explore how chatbot software can help your business grow? How about growing without sacrificing your customer experience? Then go ahead and schedule a 15-minute demonstration from our website.

Let a team member from GP Chat show you the difference a customizable chatbot can make to your customer service operations, and provide timely answers to any further questions you may have.

If your business is ready for the benefits that a customizable chatbot can offer, then go ahead and fill out our sign-up page right away. A dedicated team member from GP Chat will be there to assist you along the way.